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Company History


SEAFARINDO CREW MANNING AGENCY is a fully licensed crewing company that employs highly skilled, competent, and professional Indonesian crew members to work in well-known international company.

We recruit and deploy approximately 100 to 250 crew members per month per client, ranging from ratings and officers from deck, engine, and hotel department. We provide essential and professional services to our clients and crew members, from promoting and advertising to screening, test and interviewing, selecting and councelling, pre-sign-on orientation and pre-on-boarding, document processing and appointment, coaching and development, empowering, escorting, deployment and re-deployment crew members.

We are familiar with 'Artificial Intelligence' of the recruitment and the on-boarding system used by our clients. We have professional manpower within our 'Seafarindo' Team, we are confident that we can support our clients 24/7 and we also believe that we can support our clients to achieve our clients goals. We have conducted internal audit within our company guidelines in order to comply within MLC 2006, ISO 9001-2015, and as per general hiring partner guideline.

We have been gaining trust both from our clients and our crew members. The positive feedback from our existing clients and crew members throughout our survey indicated that Our clients and crew members are very happy and satisfied with our services.

We are looking forward to have mutual collaboration based on the honesty, respect, protect, communicate and empowering collaboration to achieve mutual benefit for all parties.

Seafarindo Team